1-2-1 Training

Do you have a puppy who hasn't had their vaccinations yet but want to get started with training as soon as possible? Is there a specific area of training you would like to work on? Or maybe you can't attend classes.

We will cover any basic training issue ranging from:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Only coming back to you when they want to
  • Jumping up at people
    Toilet training

PRICE: £60 per hour for in person 1-2-1 training or £45 per hour for 1-2-1 training via Zoom. Training packages are available on request.

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Training Methods

Your dogs welfare is our number one value.

Whether it’s 1 to 1 or a group class the training will be individual to suit and fit your dog’s needs, level and ability. I only use Force Free, Reward and Science Based Methods of training to ensure the enjoyment, safety, and well being of your dog.

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