Canine Hoopers

Canine Hoopers is a fun low-impact dog sport

The dog follows a flowing course through Hoops, 80cm Tunnels, and around Barrels. Hoopers is suitable for all breeds and ages from Puppies to Veterans as it doesn’t involve any jumping or tight turns so it is easier on the dogs’ joints and limbs.

Hoopers is designed to encourage lots of distance handling so requires minimal physical effort from the handler so is accessible to everyone.

PRICE: £90 for a block of 6 weeks

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Training Methods

Your dogs welfare is our number one value.

Whether it’s 1-2-1 or a group class the training will be individual to suit and fit your dog’s needs, level and ability. I only use Force Free, Reward and Science-Based Methods of training to ensure the enjoyment, safety, and well being of your dog.

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