TJ’s Dog Training – agility club.

We are offering group classes and 121s training sessions in all levels of agility whether you want to compete or do it just for fun we will have a class to suit you.

Our classes are held on

Monday through to Friday evenings. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings,

All classes and private training sessions are taught by fantastic qualified and experienced trainers.

Kerryn von Puttkammer,

Cat Lothian,

Suzanne Boucher,

Lesley Woods,

Eileen Kilroy

Classes and 121s are held on a well drained grass area in Bisley Surrey.

If you would like to join one of the classes or book a 121 session please drop us an email.

To get you booked in for a trial session so we can assess which class would suit your dog best.

Price: £140 for a block of 10 sessions

Training Methods
Your dogs welfare is our number one value.
Whether it’s 1 to 1 or a group class the training will be individual to suit and fit your dog’s needs, level and ability. I only use Force Free, Reward and Science-Based Methods of training to ensure the enjoyment, safety, and well being of your dog.

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