UK Sniffer Dogs – Scent Detection and Tracking

Scent detection is a great sport/activity using your dog’s nose to search for hidden items

Scent Detection –

We will introduce your dog to a specific scent and then ask them to find the item in different situations/environments eg bags, pipes cars etc.

We offer Bronze Silver and Gold levels in Scent detection. (bronze needs to be completed before moving on to the Silver.)

Tracking –

We offer Bronze Tracking Classes – Tracking is the ability the dog has to recognise and follow a specific scent through ground disturbance.

Our dogs’ noses are incredible and a great part of their brain is designated to scent, so makes this a very good way to mentally stimulate your dog.

PRICE: UKSD Scent Detection Bronze £90, Silver £95, and Gold £100 all 6 week courses. UKSD tracking course Bronze £120 Silver £140 both a 8 week courses.

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Training Methods

Your dogs welfare is our number one value.

Whether it’s 1 to 1 or a group class the training will be individual to suit and fit your dog’s needs, level and ability. I only use Force Free, Reward and Science-Based Methods of training to ensure the enjoyment, safety, and well being of your dog.

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